The newest pizza delivery franchise, they make the best pizza I've ever had. Their pizzas have several major upgrades to the normal (Pizza Hut/Domino's) pizza.

1. They have a ton of cheese. Seriously, don't order extra cheese from these people. I tried it once, couldn't get past two pieces without being totally sickened by the cm or so of cheese packed on top. But otherwise, the cheese is plentiful and good.

2. As far as I can tell, there is no tomato sauce. It has always been customary to put the sauce on a pizza, otherwise it wouldn't taste right...but they managed to get around that. You hardly notice it until you start wondering just why it's so good.

3. Gotta have a third entry in a list.

Granted, my opinion may be biased, since Pizza Hut hasn't delivered in my area for several years.