Sure it's about the most common operation you can do in a text editor, other than typing. But this entry is dedicated to the people who have begun to use it a little too much in their IDE environments: weak corporate programmers. Most of the programs that come out today are a copy of something else, usually with degraded quality. Not only that, but the actual Copying and Pasting happens literally in the process of going out and downloading many of your functions from another source. Of course, that's half of what open source is all about, right? but come on people, at least REVIEW stuff, run through it line by line to assure compatibility with everything else, and write a new one if you have to. Far too many runtime errors, crashes etc. are caused by functions not created to the exact specifications, but accepted anyway because the programmer doesn't have the time to check it and/or rewrite it. Just my little piece of the way things should be.