Beautiful, sad, lo-fi debut album by Sparklehorse. Mark Linkous plays virtually all the instruments. Released by capitol records in 1995. The album sleeve artwork includes a manically grinning clown mask and a carousel horse.

Track Listing
  1. Home Coming queen
    A delicate acoustic song which begins with a line from the bard. Strange off-key atmospherics like a fairground tune played backwards.
  2. Wierd Sisters
    The parasites will love you when your dead
    La La La La
    Strangely comforting.
  3. 850 double pumper holley
    Unsettling tape recording.
  4. Rainmaker
    Raucous stomping number livens up proceedings.
  5. Spirit Ditch
    Surreal Gorgeous paean, a feeling of loss.
    The owls have been speaking to me
    But I'm sworn to secrecy
    Linkous' wife left a message on the answering machine about some dream.
  6. Tears on Fresh Fruit
  7. Saturday
    Homage to a loved one.
    I'd play great keyboards,
    of horses teeth
  8. Cow
    Folk-Rock. Surreal images abound
  9. Little Bastard Choo Choo
    Demonic train noises.
  10. Hammering the Cramps
    Released as single. Great riff.
  11. most beautiful widow in town
    Shades of the The Last Picture Show. Melancholic and sad.
  12. Heart of Darkness
    Country inflected warm strings. A tragic tale.
  13. ballad of a cold lost marble
  14. Someday I will treat you good
  15. Sad & Beautiful World
    Mazzy Star like alt-country.
  16. Gasoline Horseys
    Dust bowl closing track.