A man spoke with a Jamaican lilt, introducing each designer. The setting, in a chapel in Hackney, leant the proceedings the air of a parish fete. Here, several young and obscure fashion designers presented their work.

In truth, the event was badly attended. The press was noticeable by their absence and the models were rarely troubled by explosions of camera luminesence. This was not a fashion show that would influence the minds of the great and the good in London's more trendy areas but some outstanding work was on display.

I sat on the front row with my gf while a troupe of stunning women cavorted down the stage before me. Invariably tall and thin, their facial expression was set in a masque of seduction. They wore the most revealing clothes and ridiculous appendages (one girl had to carry a stuffed owl) with equanimity.

After the show we headed to The Dove, a bar near Bethnal Green. It is famed for its fine Belgian beer. I tried a Triple Karmelite. It is a strong beer at 8% strength but its character is smooth and sweet. Having supped some of Belgium's finest, it is difficult to face a Carlsberg or Heinekin again.