Cool jazz breezes through this cafe while my fingers dance the rhythm of the weekend. This cornershop of flat screens is my newfound mecca.

It was two nights ago that my gf and I stumbled upon the most curious bar in all of London. In a previous incarnation it was a public toilet underneath commercial street in east central London. Now refurbished, it is a space age watering hole. Almost transparent nets hold a projected image while DJ's purvey blippy electronica. I unthinkingly scrawled my email address on the form provided. Today I was suprised by an email from that place informing me that DJ fiend would be soon playing there.

Earlier we endured a dreary experience in Bar Solo, Camden Town. The food was pricey and the menu limited. The next day we enjoyed the magic of Alladin in Brick lane, the home of Indian cooking. It was our third time in that restaurant. The food is both tasty and cheap.

The highlight of the weekend was the Japanese festival which took place in Hyde park. There was taiko drumming and cheesy Japanese easy listening. One band was a quintet of cute Japanese women wrapped tightly in silver, oh and playing the violin. There was kendo and karaoke and ,most memorably, dragons. They curled their way across the stage breathing fire. The six human operators skillfully hid themselves to allow suspension of our collectives belief systems. Truly we were amazed.

I attempted to find a room today. The room was small but comfy. The back garden was well tended, evidently one of the tenants has greenfingers. I wondered how I would fit in with this ecofriendly lot. Would they be suspicious of my big science background?

The Blush Response search for a room continues.....