Equinox I've been observing my Lenten vows for some time now. This has resulted in a precipitious drop in my noding activity.
I met with an interesting bunch of people the other day. One, celebrating his birthday, claimed a variety of colourful careers. From rent boy to Arab princes to muse to the director of Jubilee.
My own life feels bare by comparison.
Another guy, from Bermuda, dazzled us with virtuoso keyboard playing.
We played a poem game-

  1. Each person writes a random question on top of a blank piece of paper and then folds it over.
  2. Everyone hands the piece of paper to their neighbor
  3. A word is now written under each mystery question and everyone again exchanges scripts.
  4. Every budding poet now opens up their paper, revealing a question and a word (usually unrelated, or related in some bizarre way.
  5. Everyone is required to write a poem that answers the question and includes the word.
Poems fell from our lips as the wine flowed.