How to check your car's fluids.

If, like me, you are lacking in the common sense department read the abovementioned write-up. Learn it by rote. Bookmark it! Above all, heed the advise imparted.

Don't ignore that red flashing light, that symbol that looks like an oil-can.

You too could find yourself red-faced by the side of the road as the AA-man explains to you the basics of car engines.

I'm telling you now, that lots worth twenty five quid for the braking gear. Look I'll play you a tune (proceeds to rev up the engine to hear that nice ball bearing breaking sound).

You're significant other will be either consumed with mirth or not at all impressed that the days expedition to the wildlife park has been curtailed by your lack of greasy fingers.

So go read the write-up and avoid that the day when that knocking sound comes a....knocking.