On this my twenty-eight birthday, a body suspected suspected to be that of Dr. David Kelly has been found near Abingdon. I'm working at the moment in a research center not far from that town. It feels surreal that the eyes of the world will now turn to this olde English world. A nearby pub is where Jerome K. Jerome penned "Three men in a boat". Dr. Kelly is suspected of being the mole who gave information to a BBC reporter which led to them accusing the government of "sexing" up the Iraqi intelligence dossier.

In this area of south Oxfordshire nothing dramatic ever happens. There are research facilities dotted around the rolling hills. Centuries ago a Saxon army faced the Danes on Wittenham Clumps. Oxford was split between supporters of Cromwell in the English Civil War. Since them a polite decorum has ruled all social discourse these parts. Presently the media shall descend to cover this fascinating story

In a moment I shall flee to Oxford to meet up with people and celebrate my making it around the sun again intact. My birthday may be overshadowed slightly by this breaking news but not as much as my brother's was not too long ago.