Words are fought over in Nortern Ireland. Getting every party to the conflict to subscribe to a significant collection of them is an astounding achievement. Thus, I feel it is important to lay out those words here even though ryano has included an excellent summary of the main points above.

The principles laid out in the Good Friday agreement still provide the most powerful impetus to peace in that troubled land.

The Good Friday Agreement

Agreement reached in all-party negotiations

Table of Contents

  1. Declaration of Support

  2. Constitutional Issues
    Annex A: Draft clauses/Schedules for Incorportation in British Legislation
    Annex B: Irish Government Draft Legislation

  3. Strand One
    Democratic Institutions in Northern Ireland

  4. Strand Two
    North/South Ministerial Council

  5. Strand Three
    British-Irish Council
    British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference

  6. Rights, Safeguards and Equality of Opportunity
    Human Rights
    United Kingdom Legislation
    New Institutions in Northern Ireland
    Comparable Steps by the Irish Government
    A Joint Committee
    Reconciliation and Victims of Violence
    Econmomic, Social and Cultural Issues

  7. Decommissioning

  8. Security

  9. Policing and Justice
    Annex A: Commission on Policing for Northern Ireland
    Annex b: Review of the Criminal Justice System

  10. Prisoners

  11. Validation, Implementation and Review
    Validation and Implementation
    Review procedures following Implementation
  12. Annex: Agreement between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of Ireland.

    I will bold each heading when that section has been written