I was reminded yesterday of one I love by a red coat.

In 1998 we were watching a video together. The radiohead tour documentary meeting people is easy. Suddenly she paused the tape and exclaimed that it was her, her!, there on the screen throwing snowballs at Thom Yorke. It was only a fraction of a second. Her coat was a shock of red. Schindler's list melodrama.

In another part of MPIE, she presents a gift to Thom on behalf of the Japanese fan club. Althougth I saw her in that coat just once, its how I'll always remember her.

Maybe it will be my last memory before my neurons implode in a pang of regret. Her, running in slow motion, besides a snow bound train in northern Japan. The radiohead members being pelted by a posse of adoring Japanese girls.

The red dufflecoat on the shop rack, with the chunky wooden buttons is my graceful Yokohama girl pressing herself against the stage forever.