Yesterdays hedonism is catching up on me. After dining in an Indonesian restaurant we gorged on each other. Satay sauce and mutton, mmm.

After watching the Swedish movie Together, about communal life, we hurried back to my place. The indigenous natives of Oxford were oblivious to us, arm in arm, huddled together.

In the film, Goran is an open relationship. His girlfriend asks if she can sleep with Eric, a brooding, intellectual Communist. He gives his grudging assent and later he hears his girlfriend achieve her first orgasm. When his girlfriend returns he overrides his emotions (anger, jealousy...) to tell her that he is happy for her that she was achieved sexual ectasy with another man.

Though my gf is often depressed, feeling worthless and alone, she finds some comfort with me. She comforts me with her unquestioning love. Her love that helps me grow again.

As we lay there, hoping the minute hand would stop its ceaseless journey, I heard the distant seas beating against the cliff walls.

She took a taxi home. When it all ends, due to cirumstance that time will surely bring, I will preserve every precious memory in amber.