In Oxford city center, usually full of tourists and shoppers the daily routine was broken today by an animal rights protest.

A mass of protestors, surrounded by police, pressed down Queen Street blowing shrill whistles and shouting. At the Carfax tower a grey-haired lady spoke through a loudspeaker above the din. She decried the abominations being carried out by Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Everyone then paused to observe a minutes silence as bemused bystanders and stoical police stood by. They proceeded into High Street brandishing appalling pictures of vivisection and embryonic research.

Huntingdon Life Sciences carries out research on animals. It is alleged that they have treated the animals with cruelty. The animal rights activists would like to see that place, and others like it, shut down. Militant activists have targeted shareholders of the company. Their activities almost resulted in the bankruptcy of the company but the Government intervened to save it.