A garden gnome that stars in a series of Travelocity advertisements. He claims to have been 'pilfered from the garden,' and taken around the world, much like the garden gnome in Amélie. This delightful little fellow has been taken to quite a few locations in his multiple commercial run, including Quebec, the Caribbean, Mexico, and a winter getaway.

The gnome sports a kicking floppy red hat, blue jacket, and the mandatory unruly white beard, with his actual stature being around two feet. His most notable attribute, perhaps, is his friendly English accent - given to him because of the tradition of gnome-nappings in Britain that inspired the commercials.

The series of ads was preceded by a fictional search for the gnome by his owner, Bill. A teaser aired on television during the 2004 Rose Bowl on January 1st, and was accompanied by a chain of 'Missing Gnome' flyers in cinema and classified ads. Travelocity also set up a website at www.whereismygnome.com, which has since been taken down. The tagline in each commercial is, "Book with Travelocity: Don't forget your hat." The advertising scheme's budget totalled around $80 million, the most Travelocity has spent on marketing to date.

The preview mock-news report went like this:
WTR5: It's Always News to Us - Tracking the Gnome
News Reporter: (narrating) A missing gnome - who would do such a thing? When one of these little fellows disappeared this quiet town was robbed. Have you ever seen anything like this in your neighborhood before?
Local Resident: Never never never. Never.
News Reporter: Never never?
Local Resident: Never.
News Reporter: Meanwhile, there were telling clues. Local Law Enforcement had this to share.
Police Officer: Oh, we have scoured... (voice overpowered by the sound of a leafblower)
News Reporter: And then, a break in the case.
Bill: I..I received a letter from the people who took him... He's on some sort of ski trip. Booked through... Travel..o..city?
News Reporter: Travelocity?
Bill: (confused tone) ... I've never been skiing.
News Reporter: And there you have it. A bald spot in the grass, and a website used by some gnome-nappers to take a little gnome... A roaming. I'm Jenny Fieldman, reporting live, from Durham.

Some favorite quotes include:
(While lounging in a hot tub) "Oh, look, the bathtub's all whooshy. One's in danger of getting bubbles up one's whoopsadaisy."
(Sitting behind a wheel of cheese) "I'm something of a cheese connoisseur. I do enjoy a stinky cheese. A pungent, ghastly, stinky piece of cheese!"
Of course, anything sounds brilliant when said in such a remarkable British accent - but I digress.

The Roaming Gnome is a role model to members of The Garden Gnome Liberation Front everywhere - perhaps his journeys will even bring him to the European Gnome Sanctuary in Barga, Italy.