(All of these I feel, discontented am I)
And too damn stoned.
Procrastinating and cold,
Awkward and alone.
and positively sure I have to get out of here.
But I am trapped, pinned down, and squeezed too tightly.

Bored to death of lifeless crap,
I'm not tuned in.
People around me have tiny brains,
and inflated egos.
Too selfish and too self-righteous
to not be ignoramuses.

I can't speak.
I can't run, but I'm good at sliding away,
drifting under and floating over.
A great procrastinator.

What is it that I feel, down here.
I am unsatisfied, unquenched yet fatigued.
In need of a RENEWAL.

But I'm failing to focus,
failing to concentrate
and failing to communicate.
Fight it then fight it.
Shut it down, shut it down.
Breathe; Breathe in the air.

What do I do?
What Should I feel?
Where is my will,
and when will I liberate it?

Expectations and breaking points.
I need to balance, then settle into some sort of neutral.

I know and believe that you're here.
Please help me to discover what it is
that is stepping down on and suppressing my soul.