Brian Eno's first solo album. It is eclectic, to say the least. Its odd mixture of bad pop, good idiot energy rock, and tentative foreshadowings of his later ambient work did not make it one of his most well received outings. Still, there is some very good stuff here. It is worth tracking down and buying, even if only for Baby's On Fire, which features one of Robert Fripp's best electric guitar solos ever. Play that one LOUD.

  1. Needles In The Camel's Eye 3.25 Eno/Manzanera
  2. The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch 3.00 Eno
  3. Baby's On Fire 5.15 Eno
  4. Cindy Tells Me 3.30 Eno/Manzanera
  5. Driving Me Backwards 5.15 Eno
  6. On Some Faraway Beach 4.40 Eno
  7. Blank Frank 3.35 Eno/Fripp
  8. Dead Finks Don't Talk 4.20 Eno (arr. Thompson Jones/Judd/Eno)
  9. Some Of Them Are Old 4.40 Eno
  10. Here Come The Warm Jets 4.00 Eno

Nick Kool and the Koolaids (7) Nick Judd (4,8) Andy Mackay (6,9)

Robert Fripp (3,5,7) Phil Manzanera (1,2,4) Paul Rudolph (3,10) Chris 'Ace' Spedding (1,2)

Bass Guitars:
Busta Cherry Jones (2,4,6,8) Bill MacCormick (1,7) Paul Rudolph (3,5,10) John Wetton (3,5)

Simon King (1,3,5,6,7,10) Marty Simon (2,3,4) Paul Thompson (8)

Saxophone septet on 8: Andy Mackay
Slide guitars on 9: Lloyd Watson
Backing vocals on 6 and 7: Sweetfeed
Extra bass on 2: Chris Thomas

Eno sings all other vocals and (occasionally) plays simplistic keyboards, snake guitar, electric larynx and synthesiser, and treats the other instruments.

Recorded at Majestic Studios London September 1973:
Recording Engineer: Derek Chandler
Mixed at Air and Olympic Studios by Eno and Chris Thomas
Mixing Engineers: Denny Bridges, Phil ChapmanPaul Hardiman
Tape Mastering: Arun Chakraverty
Cover Photography: Lorenz Zatecky
Design Supervision: Carol McNicoll
Artwork: C.C.S. Associates
Produced by Eno for E.G. Records Ltd ® 1973
All songs published by E.G. Music © 1973