Kodachi "The Black Rose" Kunou (Age 16) is the sister to Tatewaki Kunou in the manga/anime series Ranma 1/2. Claims herself to be the "The flower of St. Hebereke High School, the rising young star of rhythmic gymnastics martial-arts". Just goes by the name 'Kodachi', while her brother just goes by 'Kunou'.

Kodachi is just as wierd, although not nearly the narrow-minded fool her brother is (it must run in the family). She is much more vindictive and vicious in her dealings with others. She is quite a formidable opponent with the gymnastics tools like the ribbon, clubs (with concealed spikes) or hoops. She will not stop there either as she often resorts to assault, ambush and cheating against those who stand in her way.

She has both a deep affection for Ranma-kun and a deep hatred for Onna-Ranma after separate encounters where male-Ranma accidently smacked her with a kettle of hot water on the Tendou rooftop which chasing down p-chan and also when female-Ranma beat her in a gymnastics competition, respectively.

Kodachi has both the trademarks of black roses and an obnoxious laugh.

Japanese seiyuu by Shimazu Saeko.
English voice-acting by Teryl Rothery.