Part of the U.S. National Parks and Monuments

Fort Worden is located at the point of Port Townsend, WA. It was originally set up as a coastal defense system with cannon placements during World War II at the entrance to the Puget Sound to shell any incoming enemy ships that would try and enter. Now abandoned, it is currently a state park and is listed as a National Historical Site.

Fort Worden has two sisters: Fort Casey, located across Admiralty Inlet on Whidbey Island, and Fort Flagler, just south of Port Townsend located on Marrowstone Island. These three forts formed the "Triangle of Fire". All have been converted to parks. They never fired a shot in aggression and now sit as a symbol to America's commitment of National defense.


From the greater Puget Sound, take the Seattle to Bremerton ferry. You could also drive south and around the Sound heading west on SR-16 in Tacoma. Head north on SR-3 in Bremerton and across the Hood Canal. Continue until you reach US Highway 101. Head north and follow the directions to Port Townsend.

a more scenic route is to take the first right on to Paradise Bay rd after the hood canal bridge and drive through Port Ludlow. The cutoff to Fort Flagler is on this route too.

I have been there twice, once in high school on a church youth conference camping in the barracks, and the other time on a paintball expedition. I had forgotten about the echos and reverb in the catacombs...the time or resources would be worth spending a day up there with a DAT recorder getting Impulse responses or plotting the structures into 3D.