First daylog I have written. What's on my mind?

I have a very lopsided schedule for a 1st semester freshman. The odd days (M,W,F) I have all my classes, but the even days (T,Th) I only have a lab. Granted, it is kinda nice to have somewhat of a day off, but there is always that next day of class. So I have to motivate myself away from that game of Diablo II to get my homework done.

Not to mention across the hall in the dorm, there is the "Fight Club", namely Capcom vs. SNK 2 being played practically 24/7 with no less than 5 people in the room at the same time cheering each other on. This will usually last till about 1am every day, so last night it took awhilke to get to sleep. Every once in awhile I have visitors who want to play X-men vs. Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Street fighter--mostly being a novelty to have stand-up arcade games playable on my computer via MAME--which is ok sometimes except when stuff NEEDS to get done. I have relegated this poor use of time to the weekends and after my homework is done.

Met a girl last week, quite by accident, who is from my home town. A random group was sitting in front of the big screen TV in the Student Center watching FOX News. There was a mention by the news caster that some guy misheard as 'Mukilteo'. "You're from Mukilteo?" I asked, "I'm from Gig Harbor" (roughly 50 miles away).

The girl sitting behind me and to my right exclaimed "I'm from Gig Harbor too!". It turns out that she went to a different High School than I, and although I hadn't met her before, I was already well aqcuanted with her older sister. It was nice to know that in this university of 10,000 people there was someone else from my home town.

She is an incredibly attractive brunette with blue eyes, which is why I would love to get to know her better. I have the rest of the year for that to happen too, so I know this is going to be a great February.