"Anyone who claims to be able to predict an earthquake is either a charlatan or a liar" --unknown

At some point in the near future, a group of scientists was able to predict an impending earthquake within a few minutes before it happened. Hardly useful for a early warning system, unless you want time to kiss your ass goodbye before the "big one".

I was on the team who was doing acoustic research at a Japanese labratory with a group of international scientists where an interesting phenomenon had been discovered, that really didn't make much sense. "Play a note on the keyboard" I was instructed. I played an A above middle C. "440.14Hz" was what the digital counter displayed that was hooked up to the keyboard's speaker. So the keyboard was not tuned exactly, that didn't matter at this point. "Ok, in moments you will see what I am talking about" the lead professor eagerly informed us.

There was a lull in the conversation for about 2 minutes, when the ground started shaking and the equipment started rattling, we watched the needle of the siesmograph on the table start jumping back and forth as the temblor continued for about 30 seconds before subsiding. A 5.2 Magnitude earthquake had just occured.

"Ok, continue playing that same note you played before." I played the same A and watched the counter display 439.26Hz and slowly drift back up toward the 440.14Hz as I played reading that I had witnessed minutes before, taking about 2½ half minutes to do so.

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