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mission drive within everything
To be happy, and to keep those whom I love happy.
Talking so fast people sometimes miss a word or two, reading a book in a day (so long as it's good), invincible logic and fiery sarcasm
Axia/University of Phoenix on-line (too many excuses to not go to class in a ground campus)
This too, shall pass.-----hell, I hope so.
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I'm 25, a mom, wife, student, and employee; that's my day to day in a nutshell. I have been attending Axia on-line since June of '06, working toward my Bachelor's in Business Administration. People like to say a Bachelor's doesn't get a person anywhere, but it'll get me out of this particular town and state, because I will make it so. I can always go back for a Master's, but there is no way I am working eight years straight to attain one while I doddle here. Short from sounding entirely and dauntingly boring, business admin. is about as versatile as I can get. It can be obscure or detailed to whatever suits the job I'm trying to get. I've worked since I was 12, and started waitressing at 15. Not exactly a claim to fame or anything, but a job none the less. I would prefer to not raise my daughter on a small salary, and I don't wish to be a hypocrite when it comes time for me to nag her to go to college. I'm not big on the "do as I say, not as I do" thing; it's crap, and I'm not going to expect my daughter to do so; she's too stubborn like her mother. I have been with her dad nine years, working on 10. He's Tony, and Zoey is our 6-year-old endless ball of energy. She's energetic to the point that, you get her to hold still, she's out. We swear she crashes mid-sentence when she's answering the question you finally got her to slow down enough to answer. She's a good kid, and Tony's a great dad, his saving grace since he can never figure out how to help around the house, or to communicate often, or when he manages to be a complete ass. Not that I'm the easiest person to live with either. I have my shortcomings, as does every other human being on the planet. There's no such thing as perfection in the literal since, so I figure I'm saving myself time not looking for it. Of course, it does help that I am still very much in love with him. Him giving me a wonderful daughter and being a great dad on top of that, well, that's just extra. Goddess knows what I've done to deserve them. I'm a talker, so I'm also a typer.

So, head's up, if you don't want a lengthy read, skip me.