Just some basic rules to keep it a little bit safer, and a lot more entertaining.

  1. Do not wear any piercings. While fashion says you should look cool, it'd be a lot less painful to wear ear/nose/eyebrow rings outside of a mosh pit, rather than in one. Now, I'm not saying that people will intentionally try to rip them out, but accidents do happen. Unless you want bloody holes in your head, rather than fashionable ones, the mosh pit is not for you.
  2. Tie your hair back; no dreadlocks. Same as above. Accidents do happen, so make sure there are a lot less opportunities to get caught on something. Getting your hair pulled out is a rather painful alternative than tying it back, or getting it cut.
  3. If you are to fall, thrust out your hand. Chances are, someone will see you and help you to your feet, where you will be able to continue thrashing, rather than getting trampled.
  4. Similarly, if someone else falls and sticks out their hand, pull them to their feet. Not only is this polite by corresponding with the last rule, you wouldn't want to be the one on the ground with no one helping you up. Make both of you feel better, and haul them to their feet. You're in this together.

These basic rules should keep things simple, while also keeping them fun. Happy moshing!