Character Count

Garfield - Fat, orange, striped cat. Enjoys lasagne, caterwauling, sleeping, and causing general chaos. Dislikes spiders, Mondays, and anything healthy. Memorable quote: "Sleeping makes me hungry. Eating makes me sleepy. It's a vicious cycle."

Odie - Skinny beige and brown dog (mutt). Enjoys breathing. Dislikes being kicked off tables. Memorable quote: "*SLURP*"

Jon - Tall, skinny nerd cartoonist. Enjoys boring activities, and pursuing Liz, the veterenarian. Dislikes being rejected by women. Memorable quote: "GAR-FIELD!!!"

Nermal - Grey striped kitten, somehow related to Garfield. Enjoys being cute. Dislikes Garfield's abuse. Memorable quote: "Garfield, what did you do that for?"

Arlene - Sleek pink female cat. The closest thing Garfield has to a girlfriend. Enjoys Garfield (for some reason...) Dislikes Garfield (it's another vicious cycle)

Pooky - Small brown teddy bear. Garfield's best friend. Enjoys Garfield's company and dryers. Dislikes washing machines and sewing kits.

Lyman - Tall and skinny, like Jon, but with a mustache, and more manly. He was Jon's roommate and disappeared around the third or fourth book, leaving his dog, Odie, with Jon.

Liz - Tall, slim veterenarian. Frequently propositioned by Jon, and rarely accepting. Sarcastic, and professional at the same time. Memorable quote: "Jon, you just propositioned my coat rack..."

Binky the Clown - Probably Krusty's predecessor. Insane sounding clown in charge of children's programming. Memorable quote: "HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY KIIIIIIIIDDDDDSS!"

Jon's Parents - Your typical mother and father from the farm. The mother is loving, yet slightly airheaded. And the father is old-fashioned and stern. Both are constantly amazed with city life, and "newfangled contraptions". Memorable mother quote: "Would you like scalloped, whipped, fried, baked, or boiled potatoes?" Memorable father quote: "Cut the chit-chat, my tractor's double-parked..."

Garfield's mother - Garfield's most influential family member. His mother is a stray, and he hardly sees her. But when they do meet, she showers him with the love that she can rarely give...

Jon's Brother, Doc Boy - Your typical uneducated redneck. About the only thing that he's got is a sibling rivalry with Jon.