Today is new year's eve. For some reason I feel like this should be a special day. Something strange and wonderful should happen on a day like this. Days like this give you an excuse to put faith in fate and hope that something interesting happens to that it will be a memorable end of a year full of forgetful memories.

Today I don't feel this way.

Granted, it has only been 'today' for about two hours. But still.
I don't feel that anything interesting will happen.
Come 11:55 tonight I will probably be in some normal place with normal people and I will feel nothing.
Maybe they are right and it is just another day.

It may be my naivety still lingering from days gone by where I thought that things and people still had good in them- but if everyday is 'just another day' - then what is the point of trying to make life special. At least on silly little holidays like this you have an excuse to try.

The bitterness should not last long.

Thank God.