My first ever daylog.

I wouldn't normally go for such a thing, what I get out of e2 is more about the factual nodes than anything else so I like to give back along the same lines. A sentiment that doesn't hold so true given the poetry commentry percentage of my nodes but whatever.

I moved to this place about nine months ago, the old country, a place so quaint and anachronistic that it's actually still called a Kingdom.

The government here isn't as anachronistic as the power grid though, blackouts are a relatively regular occurence around here, I work at a major finance institution so we've only seen one bad enough to hit work but the lights go out now and then at home and we crowd around the laptops and watch DVDs.

Where I'm staying is quite rural and you can hear sheep and cattle in the night air most nights. As I look out my window tonight over the nearby town, I can see the streetlights running along the residential areas but that's all, the power is out again in town though I seem to be ok for the time being. It's a good thing the streetlights are still on, one my housemates called, he was down in London for a few days and needs me to take his car and go pick him up from Leeds, seems the trains are down between there and here and they're not coming back up anytime soon. I'm often late for work so it'll be good to have an excuse today.

My other housemate came down with one of those generic flu-like thing that goes around, this'll be a pain at work because aside from being housemates they're also both work-mates and we're on the same project, I'm going to be busy covering for them when I eventually head in. I normally don't get these flu things but I've been bleary eyed all morning and generally fatigued.
We'll see.