The short name for Samuel Adams (no one ever calls it by its full name), a beer brewed in Boston, MA. One of the best beers around. Not much of it is brewed relative to other beers, such as Budweiser, Miller, or Coors. In fact, at the time of this writing, they only brew approx. 1.2 million barrels of Sam Adams a year, compared to Miller's 49.5 million. Sam Adams is also relatively expensive. The taste is exceptional, however, as well as the high alcohol content.

There are many different styles. The "Year Round" styles are:
  1. Boston Lager
  2. Boston Ale
  3. Honey Porter
  4. Scotch Ale
  5. Cream Stout
  6. Golden Pilsner
  7. Triple Bock
  8. White Ale
  9. Cherry Wheat
The "Seasonal" styles are:
  1. Octoberfest - August-October
  2. Cranberry Lambic - October-December
  3. Winter Lager - October-February
  4. Double Bock - January-March
  5. Spring Ale - January-March
  6. Summer Ale - May-August
There is one "Once In A Lifetime" style that I know of: Millennium