Much worse than being in a room with someone who plays the same song over and over, is being trapped in the backseat of a small car with one.

While riding along on a trip from Ithaca to Boston (5-6 hours or so), I was subjected to 5 hours straight of the Spanish.

Now I know what hell is like.

So as not to make this a total GTKY writeup (although I guess this whole node is...), some songs are just catchy to people and courtesy isn't that common nowadays. People don't realize (or care) that they're potentially driving their roommate/hallmates/entire section of the city insane. It's similar to people who don't flush public toilets or don't wear deodorant. Personal space isn't respected much anymore.
end non-GKTY content

But anyways, if I get stuck in a car with you, and you play the Macarena, you die...