Charles "Lefty" Driesell, men's college basketball coach since 1960, renown for building quality programs from scratch.

He is only the second person (Eddie Sutton being the first; Jim Harrick also accomplished this feat in 2001) to lead 4 teams to the NCAA Tournament (Davidson, Maryland, James Madison, and Georgia State). None of those 4 teams had much of a winning tradition before Driesell's arrival.

Driesell will likely be remembered for two things, one positive and one negative.

In 1970, when at Maryland, Driesell started what became known as "Midnight Madness", when he held Maryland's first practice of the season at midnight on October 15 (NCAA rules don't allow practices before that date). By starting right at midnight, it was symbolic of getting a head-start on everyone else at the time. Since that time, Midnight Madness had become a festive occasion at many schools, is broadcast on ESPN and is the unofficial of the start of the college basketball season

The negative part of his legacy happened in 1986. Driesell's star player, All-American Len Bias was drafted 2nd overall in the NBA draft by the Boston Celtics. Hours after signing a multimillion dollar contract, Bias was dead of a heart attack, caused by taking cocaine with friends in his dorm room. In the stormy aftermath, Driesell was forced to resign. Many believe he was the university's scapegoat for the incident.

At time of this writeup, Driesell is still the head coach of Georgia State.