Buhner (pronounced "bYOU-ner") was one of many star prospects my beloved Yankees dealt away in the '80s for essentially nothing (in this case, a journeyman named Ken Phelps). Since then, he's hit many of his longest homeruns on trips to Yankee Stadium.

His hitting for the cycle was particularly noteworthy in that Buhner was never known for his speed (only 19 triples in his career through 2000; and a mere 6 stolen bases), so the triple part was harder to achieve than it would be for someone like Ken Griffey Jr.

Buhner's known for his long homeruns, but also his tendency to strikeout (1397 in 4968 career at-bats through 2000). He's also never been a very good contact hitter as he's never hit above .280 in a season.

His fielding has vastly improved since early in his career, leading Buhner to a Gold Glove Award in 1996.