Today's all about perspective.

I woke up to find a long awaited letter from Tulane's Business School. It was thin, which might as well be the kiss of death, and so it was. Rejection. I find out whether I got into the other school I applied to in a few weeks. Until then, I'll likely do some temporary work (as I am unemployed).

Here's the perspective part (really). I got an email reply from a former coworker who I wrote to a day earlier, just checking in. Ends up she's at home, preparing for the funeral of her mother, who passed away last week. So here I was angry (frustrated, pissed, cranky...) about not getting into my 2nd-choice business school, while an acquaintance is burying her mother. I don't know. Business school doesn't seem as important anymore.

And so I approach the day a bit less shallowly than the past and take life just a little more seriously. Getting caught up in the ratrace and everything else, I lost track of my values and what matters to me. The sun will rise tomorrow, and so will I. Rejection doesn't seem to be that important anymore.

So ends my first ever day log