Today was, overall, a satisfying day.

After days upon days of staring at the walls, I finally have things to do at work. It's just my luck that it's all come up just days before I take a week off, but at least I'm not bored.

I took the afternoon off to take my first driving lesson. I did pretty well, especially considering the headache I had. Granted, the headache wasn't debilitating, but it was distracting. I managed to play through the pain, though. If I keep going at this rate and I don't wimp out like I did last year, I think I'll have my license by summer's end.

I watched Survivor at my dad's house again this evening. It's a pretty good way to kill an hour.

I'd better go to bed now. I think the headache I had was an indication that I haven't been getting enough sleep, especially since it went away after I took a nap. I have another busy day tomorrow.