This is likely going to be the last restful day I'll have for at least two weeks.

Next week will be a bit hectic, because I'll have both my job and driving lessons. The worst part of this is that I'll have to stay at work for an entire work day on Friday, instead of my usual 10am-2pm Friday schedule.

The week after that, I'll have the week off work, but I'll have more driving lessons. Plus I'll probably be helping some relatives remodel my grandmother's bathroom.

As for today, I wanted to go on a noding spree so I could reach level 4, but I couldn't think of 50+ things to write about, so I gave up.

I cleaned my oven today. Damn, that Easy-Off stuff is pretty harsh. Trust me; you don't want to inhale even the smallest amount of Easy-Off fumes. I lost most of my nose hairs. But, that's a small price to pay for being able to use my oven without filling the whole house with smoke.