Today wasn't quite as a pain in the ass as yesterday. For one thing, there were no gas leaks at work today. Yay!

I'm getting quite bored at my job, though. I haven't had any really meaty projects in a while. I fear I'm stagnating. I'm taking a week off early next month, maybe things will pick up after that.

My dad called me at work to remind me that my stepmother's birthday is tomorrow, and I should get her a card or something. I don't know why he felt the need to remind me, since I remembered it last year. He needn't have worried; I ordered two CDs for her a few days ago. It doesn't look like she'll get them in time though. Damn.

I came home, ate dinner, then watched "Survivor." Yes, I know the show is silly, but it's an amusing diversion.

It's now 10pm. Bedtime. I want to catch up on my sleep.