• A family gathering is starting but no one will take me to the store and I'm out of clean clothes so I stay at my dad's house and sulk.

  • I'm at my brother's elementary school (In real life, he's a sophomore in high school). As we're walking through the halls looking for room 14 (which is upstairs), we run into a very tall student who decides to hang my brother up on a wall. I take him back down and we go upstairs.

    I'm worried about being late, but the teacher (a 40ish woman) gets there after we've been waiting at the door for a few seconds. I walk in and find a desk. Apparently I have volunteered to help grade papers. I worry that the children will hate me if I grade them too harshly. My brother (who now looks like his real-life age) and my sister are now sitting on either side of me; apparently they have volunteered as well. I get a paper to grade and it is a copy of the Sunday Comics with random writings on it. I have no idea how to grade this; I don't have an answer key.

    The teacher (who is now a 60-year-old man) finds out that a teachers' strike has started and walks out of the classroom. I decide to sit at the teacher's desk and keep an eye on the kids until it is time for them to leave, but they are so eager to leave that they all run out of the room before I can carry this plan out.

    It's chaos in the halls. Someone is riding a horse through the school's hallway.

    TIME SHIFT-I'm in a teachers' lounge that closely resembles my dad's living room. I talk to the teacher whose class I volunteered for and tell him that strange things have been happening to me since Thursday night. He asks for $1 for gas money. I'm in a generous mood, so I want to give him $2. I look through my wallet and find only $1 and some larger bills, so I decide to give him $6. He is happy.

  • I'm at my company's annual variety show for charity. A woman is on stage, singing a song. I wander aimlessly around the stage, surrounded by a wall of glass doors. I finally exit through the back and walk up to her. She tweaks the lyrics to the song depending on my actions.

    The song is over, and I discover that the auditorium is empty. This is a disaster, I think to myself. Just then, people start entering the auditorium. Might as well repeat the opening number, I say to myself, so that the audience doesn't miss anything.

  • I'm lying on the couch in my grandparents' living room playing with my bear puppet when my dad walks in and yells at me over it. I sarcastically reply, "Would you be happy if I threw it away?"

    He says, "Yes, I would."

    "But Mom gave it to me as a Christmas present!"

    "She'll thank me later."

    Fine, I think to myself. I tear the puppet's head, arms, and legs off and throw the puppet in the garbage.

    TIME SHIFT-I was at my grandparents' house, having Thanksgiving dinner. I'd had a dream about ripping apart my bear puppet because my dad didn't like it. Even though I knew better, I was angry at my dad over it. I tear off the puppet's head, then I walk into the dining room and ask my grandmother where the trash can is so I can throw the puppet away. She thinks I want her to fix it, so she starts looking for a needle and thread. I see a garbage bag, and place the puppet in it. I give my dad a brief "I-hope-you're-fucking-happy" look (I don't look long enough to see his reaction) and I storm off.

    TIME SHIFT-I'm explaining to my dad why I did what I did. I describe the dream to him. He is surprised. He tells me he doesn't mind the puppet.

  • The woman is in Judge Mathis's courtroom, suing someone for over $2,000 for emotional distress. The judge has found many holes and bad logic in her case, and is very angry at her. Nonetheless, he does rule that she is entitled to $350.

    The woman is being interviewed about the case outside of the courthouse. She is very angry. It is dark outside, with waist-deep flooding. The movement of the water doesn't move the woman or the interviewer, but it is carrying a bus toward her. She steps into the bus through the back door and continues to rant. The sound quality is really bad; it sounds as if she's on a cheap walkie-talkie.