• I was bored, so I went to a house a few doors down. The man who lived there had an above-ground pool, so I went in it. The man had a few friends there; all of them were graying bald men at least twice my age. One of them kept trying to lift me up by the ankles so I would fall back into the water, but I resisted. My thrashing made gigantic waves in the pool. One of the men playfully threw another against the side of the pool, and the pool collapsed. The wife of the man who lived there was upset; she kept saying "It's not funny!" I disagreed, but I just told her to be glad that nobody was hurt. This calmed her down. My uncle and cousin were in the garage, discussing how to repair the pool.

  • I was at my mom's house, drinking cheap wine mixed with Diet Sprite. It looked like Cherry 7-Up, but it tasted disgusting, so I couldn't finish it.

  • I'm having trouble sleeping, because something is brushing against me. I move to the very edge of the bed, but I can still feel it. Did my sister put her pet lizard in my bed again?

    Note: My sister lives 20 miles away, and has never had a lizard.