Range lights are two lights, separated by some distance both vertically and horzontally, which line up when the viewer is "on the range". They are used by those operating ships to line up on a course which is known to be safe (ie. deep water - no shoals). As the lower light is closer to the viewer than the upper light, one knows intuitively that if the lower light is to the right of the upper light, one is left of the range, and vice versa.

It seems to me that this has some deeper meaning. If one could only find the range lights of life to line up on, then one could avoid the shoals. It has been said that "Sailing the world's oceans is no big deal, you just have to watch out for the thin parts at the edges."

I once said that if I could talk with God for just one minute, I'd ask him to install little blinking lights - one red, one green, in the corner of my eye. That way, when I looked at something, he could indicate to me via the lights if the particular pleasure I was eyeing was a good thing or a bad thing for me. (I'd clarify with him beforehand that red was for "bad", green is for "good".)

Absent any cosmic indicators, I continue to fumble through life, like a blind rat in a mystifying maze, forever destined to bump my nose into the next wall, and unwittingly miss the corridors which would lead me to the cheese.