The sum of the days thoughts is this:
I am an individual alone in this world who lives by hope for my own achievement

In relationships, particularly our intimate ones, we form partnerships. A man works, provides for the family while his wife nurtures and raises the children (or whatever variant you prefer). Each of the partners needs the other in order to have the child. The man cannot care for the child and work to earn money, nor can the woman. I really don't see any type of partnership like this in my life.

In our individual freedom, we aspire to achieve everything that we are capable of. Each of us has great potential, but fully realizing it is the great challenge of life. Many do great things, but few do everything that they are capable of. Maslow called it self-actualization. In a sense, this aspiration is a form of hope, hope for what we may achieve in time. In my life, I aspire and I hope and often times it makes me crazy just to do so.

Oh hell, forget it. I'm sick of trying and I'm sick of being alone.