Skateboarding is a very complex lifestyle and is in no way a sport. Frankly, it is being monopolised by the corporations, such as ESPN, Sony Playstation and many other corporations. It has already had two recessions where it lost its "coolness" because the media frenzy ended and the corporations bummed out big time and had massive losses, then only the true skaters stayed on and kept skating hard, that's when we lost all the long haired "cool dude" pot smoking hippies.

I can't wait till another recession, because there are few who still truly appreciate skating for what it is, a lifestyle and not a sport nor a corporations play thing.

Most of this attitude was inspired by what one of my friends said, a true legend and one of the few who truly grasp what skating is, so without further ado, the words of Joel Brown: "Skating is about yourself, and noone else. Don't lie to yourself and pretend you can do all these great tricks, when you can't, and when you can don't go flashing it around like a golden prize. If you can do it, then be pleased with yourself and be happy you just mastered another aspect of skating."