Disclaimer: The following node contains dark Occult information and/or rituals. It may be considered morally innappropriate and may even be illegal where you live. I do not neccessarily believe the following information to be factual, however it is believed so by Occultists and/or mythological texts. What you do with this information is your own choice, and if you choose to follow these ritual(s) and you hurt yourself, you do it at your own risk. You have been warned.


Cursing is the art of causing pain and misery to another being. It is mostly done as an act of revenge, though it has been done in spite, or simply to eliminate someone who has gotten in the way. Ways of doing this vary from extensive spellcasting to simple chanting; such methods shall be explained later.

The History of Cursing

Cursing has existed since the beginning of time, the earliest known useage of it was by God and other religious leaders through smiting an individual. It was adopted mainly as a Dark Art, many witches and sorcerors throughout the medieval ages, and in later ages tends to be more of a witch tradition than any other (amongst Western society). Amongst African cultures, primarily the Zulus, cursing was a common practice of Voodoo. During the Medieval period Cursing was outlawed by the Papacy, along with all other practices deemed as a Dark Art; this act was rather ironic, as even God himself used Cursing. Nowadays, Cursing is still practiced in many forms.

Methods of Cursing

  • Chanting: This is any form of verbal communication that is indicative of wishing harm or misfortune upon another person. The closer it is to an ordered chant, the more powerful this form of Cursing is. This is the most common form of practiced Cursing.
    Ex. "I hope you get what's coming to you!" is a form of Cursing, however a chant like, "Bring plague down upon (insert name), oh, strip his pride and burn him down." would be more powerful.

  • Somatic: This is any form of gestured communication that is indicative of wishing harm or misfortune upon another person. This is a much less powerful form of Cursing, however can easily be combined with another form of Cursing to create a more powerful, overall curse. This is the most common form of Cursing.
    Ex. Sticking up your middle finger, gesturing while chanting or spell casting.

  • Spell Casting: This is the most potent, and also most illegal form of Cursing. It always requires Chanting, and usually requires Somatic components, but most of all, a brew must be created. This is simply made from boiling water, a sample of the victim and a sample of the curse. For example, blood or hair from the victim would be a sample of the victim. The sample of the curse varies greatly; if you wished to curse him with your venomous hatred, you would spit in the brew; if you wished to curse him with disease you would throw in a diseased object etc. Once the ingredients have been added, once must simply stir the brew while Chanting something to the effect of, "(insert victim name), thou shalt choke upon thine (insert curse), thou shalt wallow in thine misery etc." Often Somatic components are added, such as gesturing in anger while chanting, or waving ones hands over the brew. The more personal the sample of the victim is, the stronger the curse. For example, blood would be more powerful than hair; an entire limb or an organ would be more powerful than blood. Therefore, to obtain a truly powerful spell component, one must inflict harm on the victim prior to Cursing, making this form highly illegal.

  • Smiting: This is a religious form of Cursing. It can be either a Chant or Somatic curse, or a mixture of both. The strength and ferocity of the curse is greatly dependent on the Deity behind it.
    Ex. "May your soul burn in hell!", "The Dark Lord shall avenge my humiliation, just you wait!"

Cursing is probably used now more than ever before. Simple gestures, such as Up Yours, and swear words are forms of Cursing. Practiced Cursing is just as common as it used to be too, and while not entirely illegal (unless physically harming a victim, not simply mystically), it is considered morally inappropriate. Still, it is one of the better accepted Dark Arts.