Are what makes your wheels go round when you're skateboarding. Good bearings are essential, and really you only have two choices. Between the two bearing titans, Nachi and Speed Demon, you get to choose between value and longevity, or all out, hands down king of, speed. Myself, I go for Nachi, but I'm a bit of a pussy when it comes to skating. If you want to pull off BIG tricks and be known as a local legend, then Speed Demons are probably the bearing for you.

You will need to spend far more money on Speed Demons, however, for not only are they more expensive, but they wear out quicker. If you're truly dedicated, then its probably best to get Speed Demons, but its all really just a matter of preference.

The less known bearing which is also quite good is the Tiger Long Distance bearing. These bearings aren't fast, but they are slick. One kick on these babies will take you for a four metre ride! They do not last however, because they are not meant for tricks. One high-speed complex trick will have you popping your bearings, so unless you just like riding these bearings aren't for you.