Disclaimer: The following node contains dark Occult information and/or rituals. It may be considered morally innappropriate and may even be illegal where you live. I do not neccessarily believe the following information to be factual, however it is believed so by Occultists and/or mythological texts. What you do with this information is your own choice, and if you choose to follow these ritual(s) and you hurt yourself, you do it at your own risk. You have been warned.

A stone recognized for its power of imprisoning souls within its confines. It is used in some of the darker aspects of the Occult, and is used to trap summoned souls in it, in order to forge a number of souls into one, then to release them as a Wraith. The Wraith, being the culmination of several souls, would be extremely powerful, and after a few necromantic spells, could be brought under control. Hence, the soulstone was/is mostly used by necromancers, as they would be the only ones able to control it. In mythology, however, there are numerous tales of evil witches imprisoning souls within stones so that they can gain the power of the souls through the stone.

A soulstone can be created by the following ritual:

1. Bring your cauldron to boiling point, stirring it all along.
2. When the cauldron is ready, add a pinch of ginger, two pinches of rosemary and a spoonful of sage.
3. While chanting, "By blood and bone I bind this stone", repeatedly, draw blood from your middle finger, squeezing one drop into the cauldron, and then running your finger over the stone you wish to make a soulstone.
4. Drop the stone into the cauldron, then stir the cauldron while chanting, "Into the brew ye go, a soulstone to ye shall be", repeatedly for five minutes.
5. Leave the stone to cultivate over the next two days. Precisely 72 hours after you placed the stone in the brew, your soulstone shall be ready.

Once the stone was completed, the necromancer would raise a soul with a necromantic rite, and would ensnare the soul with the following chant:

"Into the stone, you shall go. Into the stone, your essence shall flow."

As the necromancer repeated the chant the soul would be drawn in. If the soul was too powerful it could escape. If the soul was extremely powerful (usually an evil soul), it could turn on the necromancer and kill him. Same goes for witches or any other person using the soulstone.