Grinding is a delicate exercise in skateboarding. Like everything, it takes time and practice. It is good enough to know how to do each individual grind, but it is for nothing without the knowledge of how to execute every grind. There is very little deviation from one grind to another in the method.

Everyone adapts their own methods of grinding, though they all derive from the basic way to grind. The following are the basic methods:
1. MAKE SURE YOU PICK AN OBJECT WHICH YOU CAN OLLIE HIGHER THAN. Your grind is going to be cut very short if you can't ollie high enough to get onto it.
2. Sometimes poles are better to grind, sometimes benches and tables are. You must learn this. For slides, it is generally better to have a pole so you can drop off unobstructed. For 50-50's and the likes benches are quite often better. You will learn this for yourself.
3. Start straight, end straight. If you get into the grind crooked you will find it far more difficult to balance.
4. Speed = difficulty. Speed = ease. Once you get better at the grind, do it faster, because the faster you are, the straighter you are, not to mention the fact you end the grind quicker.
5. Learn the grind with an ollie before a nollie. Learn the grind in your normal stance before switch.
6. Learn the basic grinds first. The 50-50 and Boardslide are the basis of all grinds, learn them well and you will find other grinds easier.

Some find waxing a useful method to make grinding easier, especially if you are grinding concrete ledges. Simply use any wax, candle wax is the cheapest, and rub it on the grind object and on your trucks. This makes it harder to balance and much faster, however.