Ten Reasons Why Futurama is Better than the Simpsons

I am an avid Simpsons fan, and have been since I saw my first episode of it. When I saw my first episode of Futurama, however, I was an instant convert. Don't get me wrong, I still love the Simpsons, and I am not disreputing it. The Simpsons is an excellent show, however Futurama is even better, and here are my ten reasons why:

10. It is drawn better, and is often rendered in 3D.

9. It's based in the future, and is interesting as simply a point of view on how society will turn out in the future.

8. There are less "on the side" characters that are seen once and never again for another season or two, and even the "on the side" characters they do have are often quite relevant to the storyline.

7. The location is incredibly dynamic. The vast majority of Simpsons episodes are based in Springfield, and quite a lot of them are only based in the Simpsons' home, the Power Plant, the School and Moe's Tavern. Futurama episodes are always based in new locations, although the Planet Express office is in every episode.

6. Like the Simpsons, makes many subtle topical references, but tends to take it further than the Simpsons.

5. Episodes quite often interrelate, and not with the simple method used in the Simpsons, i.e. "Homer, don't you remember last Christmas..." etc.

4. Has a far more mature humour type. The Simpsons generally only uses base comedy, and while incredibly funny, and also utilised in Futurama, the more subtle, sly, mature humour shows through and is often more humorous.

3. Well developed characters that go beyond the Simpsons character development. While there is a degree of it in the Simpsons, it tends only to serve a comedic purpose, without much regard to any central theme as such.

2. A strong central theme that interrelates many of the characters, and actually gives the show an aire of mystery as the plot unravels.

1. When it's not funny, it's often because it's furthering the storyline, but when it is funny, it is funny.