Diablo II, in the tradition of other Diablo's, is incredibly addictive. It is, albeit, an empty game devoid of the roleplaying it promises and actually quite dull. As my esteemed everythingians have mentioned in above nodes it is a click fest. One click to walk, another to attack the enemy. If you have magic then there is a slight tactical objective brought into the game so your mage doesn't get smashed by the far physically stronger warrior monsters. If, however, your character is a warrior, especially a barbarian, tactics are very rarely a requisite. Mindless Rambo tactics are the majority of the game for a warrior, and even for a mage occasionally.

Despite this, and if you haven't played the game you would most likely consider us all insane, Diablo II is intoxicating and tends to draw all who play it into the love/hate relationship mentioned above. I cannot explain it and I doubt any of the fans can, it is simply an addictive game... like Sirens on a rock drawing unwary sailors into the water. Hours, days and weekends quickly meld into a quasi-dimension of Diablo II if one is not wary.

For those of you who have not played Diablo II, or only the original, it brings a huge new field to the Diablo scene. Unlike the original, Diablo II has five character classes rather than one for each (warrior, mage and an intermediary). The three normal classes return, a Barbarian being the pure warrior, Amazon the intermediary and Sorceror being the mage; but another two classes have been added with the Paladin, a class between the Barbarian and Aztec, and the Necromancer, a class between the Sorceror and Aztec. The game also adds a new dimension by allowing you to travel across open plains and also to brand new areas, not just ever deeper and deeper into the accursed monastery that held the stage for Diablo.

The expansion pack, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, brings new character classes and a new "stroyline", however I am yet to get my hands on it.