Clone CD is a CD-ROM burning program developed by Elaborate Bytes. Unlike Nero and other burners, Clone CD writes in RAW 1:1 (RAW-DAO and RAW-SAO). This basiacally means that what you see is what you get. It burns an exact copy of the CD, with copyright protection if it has any. It simply reads and copies, allowing it to bypass copyright where Nero and others cannot. So far, the only copyright protection which is effective in stopping Clone CD is SecuRom and SecuRom v2. There are, however, ways around this. Home users have created add-ons for the program, in ways of databases. The Clone CD Database, TCCT and Perfect Copy are all examples of such databases. They provide Clone CD with intimate knowledge on a number of games in their database, and allow Clone CD to therefore bypass the copyright. These databases are similar to copyright protection scouts and the likes, but these add-ons work better with Clone CD.

If all the above fails, there are always other ways to burn your CD. Using the program Virtual CD will allow you to mount the CD to your drive (Virtual CD hasn't failed to bypass copyright protection yet) and then Clone CD may be able to burn the CD from your virtual drive. Clone CD is the best burning program for CD copies, however it is lacking in its compilation burning. Best to keep Nero on hand for those Mixed CDs.

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