April 28, 1999 - Taber, Alberta, Canada

A 14-year-old former student of W.R. Myers High School shot two 17-year-old boys he hardly knew with a sawed off .22-calibre rifle. One of his few friends is quoted as saying "The coverage of Colorado is what made him do it. He thought maybe people would pay attention to him." Under the Young Offenders Act, the assailant is anonymous. The Justice Minister Anne McLellan said Canada needs better public education to let people "understand that firearms are potentially dangerous things." A search of the shooter's house uncovered 12 guns. His peers say he was the target of ceaseless teasing and bullying from the day he arrived, a friend said "even the nerds picked on him." He often arrived to class with cuts and bruises. He dropped out of school a few months prior to the shooting.

info from http://www.time.com/time/magazine/intl/article/0,9171,1107990510-25025,00.html and the fragments of memories of newspaper articles and TV news reports from after the shooting