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The [Hellenic Republic] of Greece, also known as [Ellas] or [Elliniki Dhimokratia], is a land of mountains and islands, covering [50,949 sq mi|131,957 sq km]. To the west of Greece lies the [Ionian Sea], to the south the [Mediterranean Sea|Mediterranean], and to the east the [Aegean Sea]. Its northern land borders include [Albania], [Macedonia], [Bulgaria], and [Turkey]. There are more than 2,000 [Greek islands], 170 of them inhabited. The country's capital is [Athens].

Greek history

The long history of Greece began in the so-called classical era, and continued with a period of [Macedonia|Macedonian] supremacy, before entering the [Roman] and [Byzantine] eras. The [Ottoman empire] dominated Greece for many years before a movement for [independence] began in the 1820s. Modern Greece has included a period of military dictatorship 1967-1973, and democracy returned in 1974. In 1981, Greece became a member of the [European Community] (now the [European Union]).

Greek language

The [Greek] language has evolved considerably since the days of ancient Greek, passing through periods characterised as [archaic], classical, [Hellenistic], and Byzantine Greek, before arriving at the modern variety of the language.

Greek society and culture

Byzantine rule led to Greek adoption of [Orthodox Christianity], and the period of [Ottoman] rule also had a strong influence on the country's culture. Greek [literature] has included ancient writers like [Homer], [Sophocles], [Plato], and [Aristotle], and more modern writers like [Nikos Kazantzakis], author of [Zorba the Greek]. Greece has also given the world the [Olympic Games], which first began in ancient Greece.

Greek art and architecture

Ancient Greece left a legacy of [sculpture], [mosaic], and crafts. The Archaic period (800-480 BC) showed [Egyptian] influence; the Classical period (480-323 BC) was characterised by dignified realism; and the Hellenistic period (323-27 BC) was more exuberant and dramatic.

Greek [architecture] perfected three orders of columns: the [Doric], [Ionic], and [Corinthian]. These led to fine buildings like the [Parthenon], the [temple of Diana] in [Ephesus], and the [Mausoleum] in [Halicarnassus], one of the [Seven Wonders of the World].

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