More Cussing in Arabic

Shath = Fag

Sharmuta = Whore

Ahirra = Whore
This word is the reason why the name of Cairo, Egypt is different in Egypt than it is in other Middle Eastern countries. In Modern Standard Arabic Cairo is said "Al-Qahira." In Egyptian dialect it is said "Misr." The reason for the difference is that in Egyptian dialect the "Q" sound of the "Qoph" is transmuted to a glottal "A" sound. Hence, if an Egyptian, in his own dialect said the capital of his country it would mean, "The Whore."

Teez = Ass (Like your butt)

Zoob = Penis
There used to be a toy handed out with Denny's kids meals that was made of pieces you could put together however you want to make a tank, a person, a dog, whatever. It was called a "Zoob Dude, it means, "Worm penis." Let's try it!

Ureed an ada zoobi fi teez umek.
"I want to put my penis in your mother's ass."

Umek sharmuta.
"Your mother is a whore."