Yesterday I wrote up a story from last year at school as my first writeup in a year. I thought it might be interesting to some people, and I guess it was, though it still has a slightly negative reputation.

Before that, I had about six or seven writeups that I wrote a year, maybe a year and a half ago. They were shit, and all but one got nuked fairly quickly. The remaining one had a reputation of around 7. I don't know what a good reputation is... but that's the only one of mine so far that has been positive. Good enough for me.

I reread that node from a year ago, decided it too was shit, and requested that it be nuked. In the hours until it was actually removed, it's reputation went up another few points! I still think it was shit. I'm glad it's been nuked. I don't understand how a node that I didn't really like when I wrote it, and disliked enough now to request it be nuked, got upvoted. My mind boggles.

Some of the stuff I see getting C!ed is at least as bad as what I write. At least in the sense that it's not factual, and not always terribly funny.

I was going to give noding a rest for another year or so, after yesterday's daylog got downvoted. I decided it couldn't get much worse, and I thought of noding my confusion in today's daylog. Hell... there's nothing wrong with noding about noding, eh?

Please don't consider this a whine. I don't care a whole lot about XP at this point, I'm just trying to get a feel for what won't get downvoted. I thought I had a pretty firm grip on how not to get a vote beatdown. I didn't. I'll learn or I won't. I guess I'll stick to daylogging once in awhile until I can think of something worthwhile to node.
Ho, ho! I've already got an idea for tomorrow's daylog. This will be interesting... for me...