The story starts about a year ago, around noon one day. I probably had a class to be at, but what did I care? I was at college for the adventure... for the experience.

I wake up to a joint being passed under my nose by my roommate. Not really a bad way to greet the day. I stretch and anticipate the upcoming cruise.

Lo...what's this? There is no ordinary cruise planned for today?

No. We are going on a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage of biblical Wellesley!

Rubbing the grit from my eyes, I get out of bed and take care of what needs to be taken care of. On returning to the room, I see that the appropriate parties had already been contacted and we are ready to go.

In the few minutes it took us to get to my roommate's SUV, he managed to lose our starter joint. Or so he thought... for after a half hour of frantic searching of the entire area between our room and his car, he suddenly reaches into the hood of his sweatshirt and pulls it out.

Oh here it is. Let's go.

So we drive.

Several hours and half an eighth later, we see a sign... Welcome to Wesleyan University! it proclaims.

Excellent! Here we are!

Wait a minute...

Heh. This isn't Wellesley.

Heads are shaken all around.

Best make the most of it we decide, and begin to walk around campus. After a little searching, we happen upon an art museum and head on in.

A few hours roll by, and we start to come over a bit peckish. A plan is formed to infiltrate the dining hall under the guise of high school seniors visiting the school.

After locating the dining hall and scouting around to find the best way in with the least chance of being stopped, we determined that there was, in fact, no food being served. Shaken, we wander out into town.

There is some kind of massive road construction project going on. We climb around dozers, rippers, chunkers, crackers, layers, smoothers... god knows what else, until finally we see some sort of sandwich shop off in the distance. We head straight for it and pick up some nice sandwiches and drinks.

We're finished with our food and we begin the drive back.

So I've never been to Wellesley...but Wesleyan isn't so bad.