The saga continues.

I was hoping to get this written up for yesterday. The clock does not wait. The man does not wait. It'll just have to be today.

This writeup is the culmination of a three day experiment. The first day, I had two writeups. The second day, one. Now there is this one. This one isn't part of the experiment. It is the analysis. Here's a breakdown:

  1. May 30, 2002 Daylog: Standard "story" style daylog writeup. Reputation as of this writeup: very slightly negative
  2. Thou hast lost an eighth!: Funny "one-liner" style writeup about pot. Reputation as of this writeup: Marked for destruction within minutes
  3. May 31, 2002 Daylog: Prequel to this writeup. "I'm confused. Why doesn't E2 like me?" style writeup. Reputation as of this writeup: Markedly positive
What do I conclude from all of this? Well...
  • "Funny" writeups should only be attempted by noders of at least level 5 or higher. No one appreciates them if you don't have a couple hundred other writeups under your belt first.
  • "Story" writeups should probably stick to daylogs, also unless you are already a high level.
  • People like it when you are confused and think that the powers that be don't like you.
E2 is definitely a social group. The well known members can get away with writing things that the lesser knowns better not even think about.

Daylogs also seem to be a gentle place to learn the ropes.


Let the beatdown begin!